Hola! Soy Tzami Rios Marciano [elle/they], a genderqueer Xicanx artistivist, writer, and radical cartographer with expertise in sustainable ecosystem change and community education. My ancestral roots span from Michoacán to the Quechan, Cahuilla, CoCoPah, Pai Pai, and Kumeyaay lands also known as california's valle imperial to Lenapehoking. I am a co-founder of Mil Mundos Books and the Colectiva Artistas de Mil Mundos Organizando la Revolucion (AMMOR). My work confronts and explores gender; masculinity and its colonial legacy; and bodily autonomy as a brown, disabled, genderqueer person.


Topographic of our collective rage

Debajo mi tierra

Beneath my soil

Green Kingfisher

El camino del bracero

Currently taking commissions, Always welcoming collaboration. Contact me at